NER COACH No. 2051

The LCLT’s next project will be the restoration of North Eastern Railway coach No. 2051; a diagram 15 five compartment third. When the NER withdrew much of its four- and six-wheeled stock, a number of diagram 15 thirds were kept for use as strengthening coaches at busy times.  Following disposal, it was retrieved to its current site from a farm in Cumbria; the surviving coach body was delivered there some 100 years ago after withdrawal from railway use.


Despite all the years in the open the coach body a superbly preserved example, largely due to the protection by a corrugated iron roof and liberally applied bitumen paint.


The restoration will require the creation of a new six-wheel underframe but, with the wheelsets and running gear already available, this is not as huge a task as it might otherwise have been. The skills and experience necessary to complete a successful restoration can be found in our volunteer workforce. The most remarkable thing about this coach is the condition of the interior, with much of it being extremely well-preserved more than a century after its withdrawal from traffic!


As well as being entirely appropriate for the J21 (NER Class C) locomotive, this coach body suits the collection policy at our home, Kirkby Stephen East station, as it is historically correct for use there as another NER vehicle. It is hoped that the body will shortly be moved onto an accommodation chassis, which will enable restoration work to begin. Once serviceable, it will become part of the 'Timeless Trains' fleet of vintage coaching stock based at Kirkby Stephen. More information can be found at


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