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News Update - 10th October 2022

October Update


The last few months have seen further progress with the locomotive as the tender nears completion and the engine itself continues to accrue a collection of parts ready for assembly in 2023. In our last update we were delighted by the tender frames coming together but since then a new tender tank has arrived ready to join a rolling chassis in the New Year.


Following its arrival at the Locomotive Maintenance Services Ltd workshops in January this year, the team there have been busy completing the tank with fittings such as dummy rivets (it’s of welded construction), lockers, water feed assemblies etc. Now adorned in a first protective coat of gloss green it sits patiently in the workshops awaiting its chassis.


The chassis itself has been a more complicated build than one might think. For starters, the old tender frames were reassembled first in order to try out each part against them before measuring up and drilling the matching location on the new frames. The wheelsets themselves have needed complete refurbishment; new tyres, bushes, corrective welding on the wheels to address minor cracking, and also one new axle. With all wheelsets back from South Devon Railway Engineering Ltd this summer the team at LMS have continued with the work to marry them up to the frames: axleboxes, horn-guides, brakes, and of course painting. A completed tender awaits early in 2023 which will then free up the LMS team to focus on the main event; reassembly of the engine itself.


As alluded to above, work on the engine has already begun but those efforts do not necessarily yield “juicy” images for our website and social media. Major parts such as the cylinder block, driving wheels and new foundation ring are ready and waiting in the works. The new frames, cut back in 2020, will be machined this winter. Meanwhile the boiler has been making steady progress with the new inner firebox already under construction along with the outer wrapper that has been substantially repaired. In short, a long way to go but still on track for steaming in 2024.


Meanwhile in Cumbria, the restoration of our 1902 H2 pattern NER Stores Van has continued towards completion. The exterior is largely complete now that the new roof canvas, raised roof ducket and droplights have all been fitted. Resplendent in undercoat, the vehicle will finally receive its gloss coat this winter.


Inside the vehicle is similarly on the home straight with the crew compartment now very much back to its 1902 condition; the new moquette on the seating adding a superb touch. Elsewhere within the vehicle, the return of fittings such as the cupboards and desks have been returned to serve its purpose as a dispensary of equipment and stores vital to keep the various remote stations on the NER network functioning. The stores items being as varied as lamp oil, blank tickets and brooms. The most recent headline news for this vehicle has been the rigging up of the replica Pinsch lamps to the electricity to check they work okay; the results speak for themselves!


This has been a painstaking and first-class restoration; please do come and see it at Kirkby Stephen East!


For more regular updates on project progress, please also check out our Facebook page; J21 65033.



News Update - 1st March 2021

Canvassing support!


With lockdown continuing so does the ‘down tools’ on the final stage of the extensive restoration of our unique 1902 Stores Van. However, things are moving forward as items continue to amass at Kirkby Stephen East station, home to our friends and hosts the Stainmore Railway Company. This week’s arrival is the new canvas for the roof.


What a difference that’s going to make when it goes on later this Spring! The vehicle has gone from near dereliction, the “coupe” version as the roof came off to painstakingly refurbish each plank, to near completion as the boards are reinstated awaiting some fresh canvas.


We have also completed an order for the undercoat, finishing coat and varnish for the vehicle and we can’t wait to see all that go on.


More to follow soon so stay tuned here or via our Facebook page.


The image to the left shows the progress on the van's interior - a far cry from the condition it was in at the time of arrival!


The images below show the canvas that's now ready to be applied, and a reminder of what the stores van looked like before we started work!


News Update - 18th February 2021

News Update - 18th February 2021

The Application of Lubrication


It seems like SO long since we were able to see the 'J21' in one piece that we felt like sharing a picture from 2018. Ever since September 2019 it has morphed into a growing number of smaller and smaller parts. Those parts are in the process of refurbishment or, where not possible, replacement.


However, there are one or two bits missing; one of which was a mechanical lubricator. Not any more; our good friends at the 76084 Society have kindly supplied us with one. Many thanks all!


In case you don’t know, an automatic lubricator, is a device to supply lubricating oil to the cylinders and, sometimes, the bearings and axle box mountings as well. There are various types of automatic lubricator, which include various designs of displacement, hydrostatic and mechanical lubricators.


Just need to get her in steam first! Unless we find a further £40,000 it won’t happen and thank you all for your generosity that has got us this far. We have great support schemes so why not join us? Check out our 'How to Help' pages to find out more!




Here's a photograph of our newly acquired Wakefield mechanical lubricator, which, although small, is vitally important!


News Update - 18th February 2021

News Update - 9th January 2021

We've Been Framed!


Just a few days into the New Year and we’re greeted by this welcome sight. While it was a shock to learn late in 2019 that we’d need new tender frames we’re now used to the idea and are excited about seeing the tender come together in 2021.


The fundraising response has been very healthy - thank you to all our supporters - but we still have a further £40,000 to find if the J21 is ever to steam again. If you're like us and can't wait to see the locomotive in action, please consider making a donation or joining one of our supporters' groups - find out more on our 'How to Help' pages.

News Update - 18th February 2021

News Update - 2nd January 2021

Happy 21st: Key to the (station) Door!


With New Year out of the way let’s start with some birthday talk; 2021 marks 21 years of the existence of our hosts and friends the Stainmore Railway Company at Kirkby Stephen East station in Cumbria.


This delightful NER microcosm is a fast-rising star and hopefully this selection of pictures give some idea of what they’ve achieved already.


Yes, that is the J21 in the bay platform.... not too long now before she resumes her rightful place there!



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